Maximum performance due to reduced tool costs

Located in the south of Germany, SAM Coating GmbH is specialized on PVD and PACVD and utilises these coating technologies to improve the surface quality of diverse tools (end mills, drills, inserts…) and components. Coatings of SAM Coating GmbH improve significantly wear resistance and / or reduce friction behaviour.
Since the company was founded in 2011, SAM Coating GmbH made a huge effort to realise the deposition of the so called ta-C coating on almost every kind of metallic base material (cemented carbide, HSS, …) and all different kind of geometries. The typical rainbow-coloured ta-C coating is characterized among other properties by a very high hardness (up to approx. 80% of diamond hardness).

Areas of application for our coating systems:

  • in machining
  • in forming technology
  • in high-temperature environments
  • in motor racing
  • in the decorative sector

Your benefits:

  • Increased life cycle of tools
  • Extension of service intervals for components and parts
  • Friction reduction of contact surfaces in tribological systems